Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Hour at Firesky Resort and Spa -- Dogs Welcome!

What is this?  Xingxing sitting on a couch and without his vest?  Isn't this breaking all the rules?
Not at Firesky, where all dogs are welcome and can go just about anywhere in the resort, except into the dining room. Firesky has a great chef, and one of the best Happy Hours in Scottsdale. And it's pretty.  Actually, it's gorgeous.  There's a pool with a waterfall, and and the tropically-planted grounds are a delight all year round.  
There are few more pleasant ways to end a day than curled up on a couch on Firesky's patio, sipping a Pinot Noir and nibbling a half-price appetizer, all for less than $12.
I'm always surprised that more of Firesky's guests don't bring their dogs with them. Of course, traveling with a dog can be a hassle, especially if you're traveling by air.  But for anyone doing a car trip and stopping in Scottsdale, Firesky is perfect.  You've got over 100 restaurants within a mile, plus Fashion Square, plus Old Scottsdale. The rooms are lovely and the prices are amazingly reasonable.
Whenever we're traveling, I always try to stay at dog-friendly hotels even though technically, Xingxing can stay anywhere.  But not all dog-friendly hotels are equal.  Some of them put you in a room that reeks of cigarette smoke, which is not good. And some of them put you in their "disabled" room, which is worse -- and also quite insulting to people with disabilities, when you stop to think about it.  Top end hotels tend to be very, very good where dogs are concerned. But they also tend to be ferociously expensive.
Firesky -- with its reasonable rates and tropical garden environment -- is perfect. 
One of the reasons I decided to write this blog was to let people know about really good places to take their dogs -- whether they're service dogs or not.  Firesky is one of those really good places.
I don't stay there, because I live directly across the street. But if you're ever in Scottsdale,
check it out. Especially during Happy Hour. If we're there, Xingxing will buy you a glass of wine. 

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