Saturday, June 22, 2013

La Costa Without the Crowds

On Monday, everyone went home.  The jazz musicians packed up their instruments, the bride and groom went off on their honeymoon, and the wedding guests decamped. It was beautifully, blissfully quiet.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining and I planned to spend the next two days meditating, doing yoga classes and exploring La Costa. 
First of all, there are the shops.  Of course, if it's not a pet shop or a butcher shop, Xingxing doesn't want to know about it.  So I put him in his stroller and let him wonder at the ways of human beings  while I explored the Marketplace complex and the little boutiques.  I've gained a bit of weight and clothes don't look good on me at the moment, so although I tried on a top I didn't buy anything.  But I don't necessarily need to buy things. I like looking.
The Deepak Chopra Center also has a shop -- lots of really interesting books, CDs, Ayurvedic medicines and yoga clothes.  I browsed, and because all that money I hadn't spent on clothes was burning a hole in my pocket, I bought books.  That's one of the nice things about books. You always look good carrying one and you can never be too fat to read one.
We continued on to the Spa, a self-contained entity of its own.  Of course, there was a shop. More lovely things. Loose, floaty things, that looked good on me. Expensive things. I perused the Spa Menu, which wasn't nearly as pricey as I'd expected it to be -- and contemplated a facial.  But what I was really enjoying was walking around the beautiful grounds and looking at things. Just being able to be outside was a treat for me, and for Xingxing, too. People who don't live here in Scottsdale don't understand how terribly, unbearably hot our summers can be -- and what a treat it is simply to be outdoors at midday.
On our last day (where did the time go?) I paid a visit to what used to be the fat farm, back in my mother's day. Now it's
 been re-branded as the Premier Fitness Camp, or PFC for short. The Chief Fitness Consultant (whom, like Deepak Chopra, we didn't meet) is Dan Isaacson, who has helped to get the likes of Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Meg Ryan and Johnny Depp ready for their big roles.  PFC has an army of trainers, nutritionists, chefs, behavioral therapists and support staff. A sample day's schedule included things like Spin and Sculpt Class, Extreme Beach Boot Camp and Max Muscle Weight Training.  All meals are included.  Ideally, you burn up to 5000 calories a day and only consume 1300 calories. This could work for me.  I wouldn't mind having a body like Meg Ryan.
However, I wasn't so sure about the Extreme Beach Boot Camp.  I mean, at my age? So I spoke to a consultant, who assured me that every program is individual and customized.  If I wasn't up to spinning and sculpting, they'd find something else for me to do.  And you're never too old to pursue the body beautiful.  Last month, they had a guest who was 84 years old.
I dunno.  If I live to be 84, I think at that point I'd just kick back and enjoy my hot fudge sundaes. But meanwhile, I suppose I could drop a few pounds. I'll meditate about it.

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