Sunday, August 4, 2013

The King George Hotel in Halifax is Super Dog-Friendly

The description of a hotel as "dog friendly" can mean anything from "dogs allowed" to "dogs welcome".  Many hotels and motels that say they're "dog friendly" will put you in a room where the frayed carpets stink of tobacco.  That's not exactly what I call friendly. And if you arrive at some places without reservations, you're likely to be told that the rooms "where dogs are permitted" are already taken.
At the King George Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, dogs are definitely welcome.  When you check in, you are presented with a "goody bag" that contains a brace of dog dishes (one for food, one for water) a fluffy flannel blanket, dog treats and poop bags tied up with a gold ribbon.  There's also a sign you can personalize with your dog's name and hang on the door of your room if you have to go out and leave your dog behind.  (Most places won't even allow you to leave your dog in the room)
But what's really special are the travel tips that focus on natural remedies.  Is your dog stressed out from travel?  Try a pinch of ground valerian root mixed in with food.  Or soak a doggie treat in chamomile tea.There are suggestions for the kinds of minor ailments that might occur during a trip, as well.  Yellow dock treatment kills ear mites.  And echinacea tea is good for minor cuts on a paw.  Urinary tract problems can be warded off with dandelion root. (I never knew that) Sprinkle several drops of the tincture or a teaspoon of ground root on your dog's food several times a week.  And you can boost your dog's immune system with a pinch of antioxidant herbs, which include oregano, dill, thyme, peppermint, sage, lemon balm and cinnamon.
Xingxing loves cinnamon.  I use it at home, to control ants.  If you sprinkle a bit of cinnamon where you see ants, the ants disappear -- unless your dog gets to the cinnamon first!  But I never knew it was an antioxidant.  Did you?

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